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A'JOURNEY LONDON was established in July 2016 by Malene Majlund as Commercial Director and Malene Birger as Creative Director. Individually, they have many years of experience within the fashion industry. 

Since 2001 Malene Majlund has been running her 
fashion agency business from Notting Hill in London, representing 12 brands.

 Malene Birger has founded 2 global brands during her career as a fashion designer (DAY Birger et Mikkelsen in 1997, and By Malene Birger in 2003). Present time she is working from her studio BIRGER1962 in London within design, interior and art.

The two ladies originally met at By Malene Birger in 2003, and worked together for more than a decade. Malene Majlund represented By Malene Birger in the UK during that time. Through their partnership, UK became By Malene Birger´s strongest market. 

Over a lunch in London last summer, Malene and Malene decided to establish a small business together. Based on Malene Birger´s passion for travel and creativity, A'JOURNEY´s collections reflect Birger's love of design, art and fashion. A'JOURNEY will build it´s growth on Majlund's ambition to run the business, represent and distribute Birger's design.

A’JOURNEY is designed, created and based on the simple idea of packing a suitcase – to travel in style and to be able to combine function and beauty. 
A’JOURNEY presents 2 small collections a year. And are delivered twice a year just before the holiday season begins, at the end of May and November. A'JOURNEY has delivered it´s first JOURNEY No 1 Collection, in May 2017. 

Birger´s inspirations are her life and work, other cultures and artisans. Packing is a demanding part of her travels and working life around the globe. Her timeless and modern bohemian style, combined with her relaxed approach to trends, not to forget her dress designs, which are often the attraction for buyers. She prefers to design modern classic keepers rather than fast-fashion.

“My suitcase must contain a selection of styles which can cover all my needs during days and nights on my trips. I like to be prepared for the unexpected. I need my kaftans; my business suit; my shirts; and my cashmere sweater for chilled evenings or chilled flights; my t-shirt for yoga; my evening dress. I always pack many dresses, which I can dress up or down, depending on the occasion and destination, I wish to be able to express my looks with modernity and personality. When I’m travelling, I want to feel free, knowing that my suitcase is inspiring to open, unpack and wear,” says Malene Birger.

A'JOURNEY is built on the love of life, travel, realism, creativity and work, while living and enjoying!! The same passion expresses the products in the seasonal suitcases.

We hope A’JOURNEY will inspire you to make packing easy and fulfil all your needs.

A'JOURNEY has begun...... have a safe trip.