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I always look into the past to be able to create the future. 

One of my first exotic journeys was to Delhi, back in the early 90's. Arriving was a breath-taking explosion of colours and a scented air. India has inspired my creative work on each visit for 20 years and more. 

After some years travelling elsewhere Delhi was again on the list of places I craved to revisit in starting the A`JOURNEY No 2 collection. The first India that I encountered has since changed; the world has changed. 

Yet, change brings a new creative pulse and new possibilities. I plunged straight back into the local markets for inspiration and paid a visit to my all-time favorite antique shop. 

After Delhi, my next destination was Muscat. First time that I visited Oman in 2008, it was relatively untouched, and a beautiful experience. The Old Souk remembered how to hypnotize me with gems and treasures, even with the growing wave of demands from cruise liner tourists. Inspiration always finds me ready to create, although Oman remains a great destination for relaxation. 

Delhi brought silken blooms and strong vivid colours, while Muscat filled my suitcase with bold stripes, soothing cottons and kaftans. Both cultures melted beauty, originality and tradition in their clothing for both women and men - layered styling, long shirts over pants, fine details and simplicity. 

Back home in London, my focus was on blending my ideas and concept with fun, easy and cool options for you to pack a happy and colourful selection of prints and modern lines. Encounter that inspiration with the fresh blue lines, a bunch of flower prints, strength of the leopard print, or the new signature black and crème silky stripe. The looks are personal and entirely yours to combine and wear. 

A`JOURNEY COLLECTIONS are more an addition to your already exciting wardrobe, and a selection of personal items, rather than a coordinated collection of styles. 

The A'JOURNEY No 2 selection of styles can be worn in the city or at the poolside, in your home-office or at work. All easy to pack and go. 


A’JOURNEY LONDON was established in July 2016 by Malene Majlund as Commercial Director and Malene Birger as Creative Director. Individually, they have many years of experience within the fashion industry. 

Since 2001 Malene Majlund has been running her fashion agency business from Notting Hill in London, representing 12 brands. Malene Birger has founded 2 global brands during her career as a fashion designer (DAY Birger et Mikkelsen in 1997, and By Malene Birger in 2003). Present time has just launched her interior brand BIRGER1962 and her new DÉCOR collection in Paris. 

The two ladies originally met at By Malene Birger in 2003, and worked together for more than a decade. Malene Majlund represented By Malene Birger in the UK during that time. Through their partnership, the UK became By Malene Birger´s strongest market. Over a lunch in London last summer, Malene and Malene decided to establish a small business together. 

Based on Malene Birger's passion for travel A’JOURNEY´s collections reflect her love of design, art and fashion. 

A’JOURNEY will build its growth on Majlund’s ambition to run the business, represent and distribute Birger’s design. A’JOURNEY is designed, created and based on the simple idea of packing a suitcase – to travel in style and to be able to combine function and beauty. 

A’JOURNEY will present 2 small collections to be delivered twice a year, just before the holiday season begins - at the end of May and then November. Inspired by Birger´s life and work around the globe, art and handcrafted pieces, each collection will reflect her own personal style. Packing is a demanding part of Birger’s travels. With a timeless, yet modern bohemian style, she has a relaxed approach to trends and prefers to design and pack modern classic keepers rather than fast-fashion. 

“My suitcase must contain a selection of styles which can cover all my needs during days and nights when travelling. I like to be prepared for the unexpected. I need my kaftans; my business suit; my shirts; and my cashmere sweater for chilled evenings or chilled fights; my t-shirt for yoga; my evening dress. I wish to be able to express my looks with modernity and personality. I want to feel free, knowing that my suitcase is inspiring to open, unpack and wear,” says Malene Birger.